Few imperatives are more pressing in this splintered, fractured twenty first century than the challenge of bringing faiths, once divided by animosity and suspicion, into a relationship of trust, friendship and mutual respect. This, for me, is the Divine challenge of our time. So I welcome Intertwined Worlds with all my heart. May God bless it and may it be a source of blessing to our respective faiths.

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

In today’s increasingly polarised world in which, despite having reached new levels of interconnectedness, schisms appear to be deepening not only between peoples of different faiths, but between peoples of shared heritage, this timely academic publication is to be welcomed. It is my hope that Intertwined Worlds will help create a deeper understanding of our collective traumas as well as a more profound recognition of our shared past. This publication’s pursuit of knowledge and excellence will help us all to look more confidently towards our common future.

HRH Prince El-Hassan of Jordan

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