Volume 8 (2014)

Jews, Muslims and Bildung: the German-Jewish Orientalist Gustav Weil in Egypt (pages 49–59)
Ruchama Johnston-Bloom

Volume 7 (2013)

The Jewish Presence in Arabic Writings on Medicine and Pharmacology During the Medieval Period (pages 394–401)
Leigh Chipman

Changing the Family Portrait: Hagar and Sarah in Art and Interfaith Dialogue (pages 179–189)
Aaron Rosen

Popular Palestinian Practices around Holy Places and Those Who Oppose Them: An Historical Introduction (pages 69–78)
Glenn Bowman

A Weeping on the Road to Bethlehem: Contestation over the Uses of Rachel’s Tomb (pages 79–92)
Glenn Bowman

Volume 6 (2012)

Reciting the Qur’ān and Reading the Torah: Muslim and Jewish Attitudes and Practices in a Comparative Historical Perspective (pages 369–380)
Daniella Talmon-Heller

Protecting the Wife’s Rights in Marriage as Reflected in Pre-Nuptials and Marriage Contracts from the Cairo Genizah and Parallel Arabic Sources (pages 381–389)
Amir Ashur

Human Creation in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an – Feminist Exegesis (pages 277–286)
Ruth Roded

The Performance of Convivencia: Communities of Tolerance and the Reification of Toleration Manuscript number (pages 174–184)
Aomar Boum

Patronage as a Model for Muslim–Jewish Relations in North Africa: Contributions of Anthropological Field Research and a Case from Libya (pages 152–162)
Harvey E. Goldberg
RGreen Star Logoead an interview with this author

Converging and Diverting at the Time of Death Exploratory Routes for the Study of Death Among Muslims and Jews in Britain (pages 452–461)
Marta Dominguez Diaz

Islamic and Jewish Religious Feminism: Similarities, Parallels and Interactions (pages 213–224)
Ruth Roded

Early Judeo-Arabic Biblical Translations (pages 225–235)
Yosef Tobi

Backlist (Volumes 1-5)

Salvation and the ‘Other’ in Islamic Thought: The Contemporary Pluralism Debate (in English) (pages 511–519)
Mohammad Hassan Khalil

Abraham in Islamic and Jewish Exegesis (pages 224–235)
Shari L. Lowin

The Hebrew Bible and the Quran: The Problem of the Jewish ‘Influence’ on Islam (p 643-659)
Michael E. Pregill

Theo-Politics in the Holy Land: Christian Zionism and Jewish Religious Zionism (pages 114–128)
Carlo Aldrovandi

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