Norman A. Stillman

Norman Stillman

Norman Stillman

Norman A. Stillman is the Schusterman/Josey Professor of Judaic History at the University of Oklahoma, and is an internationally recognized authority on the history and culture of the Islamic world and on Sephardi and Oriental Jewry. He is the author of seven books and numerous articles in several languages. His book The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times (Philadelphia, 1991), a sequel to his highly acclaimed The Jews of Arab Lands: a History and Source Book (Philadelphia, 1979), was nominated for the National Jewish book award. In collaboration with his late wife, Yedida Kalfon Stillman, Professor Stillman published an English edition of Samuel Romanelli’s 17th-century Hebrew classic, Travail in an Arab Land, University of Alabama Press (1989). He also finished editing her book Arab Dress: a Short History which appeared in 2000 and has just come out in a third revised edition. He is currently the executive editor of the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (Leiden and Boston, 2010) and was editor of the AJS Review, the journal of the Association for Jewish Studies from 1989-1999.

He delivered the prestigious Momigliano Lectures for the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought and the Sherman Lectures for the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and was Lady Davis Fellow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was also a visiting fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Tel-Aviv University and was a member of the North African Arabic Research Unit at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, and taught there during the academic year 2001-2002.

Professor Stillman received his B.A. (magnum cum laude) and Ph.D. in Oriental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is currently working on a book on Jewish community and society in North Africa in the modern era.

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