Mohamed Hawary

Mohamed Hawary

Mohamed Hawary

Mohamed Hawary is a faculty member at Ain Shams University, Cairo, where he completed his Ph.D. dissertation in 1983 on The Divinity Among the Children of Israel From the Period of Moses until the Exile of Babylon. Currently, he is a Professor of Religious Jewish Thought and Comparative Religions, Department of ‎Hebrew Studies, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. ‎

His specialized areas of research and teaching include: Judaism‎, Biblical Studies‎, Comparative Religions, Aramaic Papyri (Aramaic Documents from Elephantine), Genizah MSS,‎ Judaeo-Arabic Literature and Judaeo-Arabic sources in ‎the Cairo Genizah, Hebrew Grammar and Texts, Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic Language, and Syriac Grammar and Texts, Syriac Literature. ‎

Prof. Hawary has ‎authored a number of books in Arabic, include “Circumcision in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Comparative Religions” (Cairo, 1987), “Sabbath and Friday in Judaism and Islam, Comparative Religions” (Cairo, 1988), “Fasting in Judaism, Comparative Study” (Cairo, 1988), “The Commentary on the Ten Commandments in the Judaeo-Arabic Manuscripts” (Cairo, 1993), “The Differences Between the Karaites and the Rabbanites in the Light of Genizah MSS” (Cairo, 1994), “The Jewish Polemics Against Christianity in the Light of the Cairo Genizah) (Cairo, 1994), and “Medical Vocabulary from the Cairo Genizah” (Cairo, 1994).

Prof. Hawary is also the author of numerous journal articles. His recent articles in Arabic include “The Cultural Globalization and its Impact on the Arab-Islamic Identity” (Languages in the Age of Globalization: A Future Perspective, Abha, Saudi Arabia, 1426 H./ 2005), “The Issue of the Foreign Term Between the Arabization and the Hebrewization”, (Languages and Translation: Between Reality and Hoped Situation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,  1426 H./ 2005). “The Conditions of the Jews of Yemen in the Light of Maimonides’ Iggeret Teman (The Yemen Epistle)” (History of Arabia, Arabian Peninsula from the 5th to the end of the 7th century, Riadh, Saudi Arabia, 1429 A.H. = 2008), “Holy Quran in the Jewish Encyclopedias” (Journal of King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1427 A.H./ 2007), “King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz and his Role in the Arab-Israeli Conflict”,  (King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud- Researches and Studies 226 , Al-Darah, King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and archives, Riyadh, 2006), “Language and Identity: Arabic and Hebrew as a Model” (Culture of Communication in the Era of Globalization: an Arab Vision, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, Cairo, 2007),

His recent articles in English includePalestinian Refugees between the Right of Return and the Attempts of Resettlement”, (An Essay in: The Palestinian Refugees: Old Problems – New Solutions, Edited by Joseph Ginat and Edward J. Perkins, University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, 2001), and “Muslim Jewish Relations in Ayyubid Egypt, 1171-1250”, (Essay in The Meeting of Civilizations “Muslim, Christian, and Jewish”, ed. By Moshe Ma’oz, Brighton, Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2009).

Prof. Hawary is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Oriental Studies, published by Society of Oriental Languages Graduates in Egyptian Universities (SOLGEU) in Cairo, Egypt. He served as Chairman of the Dept. of Oriental Languages, Faculty of Arts, Assiut University, Egypt. He has also served as Director of the Center for Study of the Contemporary Civilizations (CSCC), Ain Shams University.

He has been a fellow at Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies ‎Oxford ‎University (1991 – 1992).‎ As a Visiting Fulbright Scholar, he has been a Visiting Researcher at The Jewish Theological ‎Seminary  Of America, New York (1994‎). He has also been a visiting fellow at Gustave E. Von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies‎  – UCLA (1996- 97).

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